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Rail and wheel flange lubrication

Lubricants for The Railroad Industry

Our rail and wheel flange lubricants provide long-term protection against wear and crack formation. They lubricate and condition, prevent squeaking and are effective even under extreme pressure and temperature load.


Lubricants, preservatives and release paste

Industrial Lubricants - Special Lubricants for The Industrial Sector

CICO® pastes, lubricants and preservatives guarantee long-term protection against corrosion, seizure and fretting corrosion – even under the most difficult conditions of industrial assembly and maintenance. They can be used in a wide temperature range, are resistant to chemicals and salt water, and provide optimum release and lubrication properties even under high pressure.


Lubricating and preserving agents

Gun Care

CICO® lubricating and preservative agents are for targeted use in gun care. They are easy to spray on and easily distinguishable – a very thin film is already sufficient.


Lubricating and preserving sprays

High Quality Products for Handicraft Needs

CICO® lubricating and preservative sprays are for targeted use in workshops and households. They are easy to spray on and easily distinguishable – a very thin film is already sufficient.


Bicycle and motorcycle care

For competitive sports and hobbies

CICO® care for bicycles and motorcycles. Developed for top-class sport. Guarantees optimum benefits for recreational sports and hobbies. Ensures precise shifting and a permanently clean and quiet chain.

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